C. Smith

I’ve been an Encinitas F&D customer for 10+ years now. I’m a skeptical kind of guy, who doesn’t often trust service providers. Over the last 10 years, Encinitas F&D has earned and maintained my trust. How? 1. First-class mechanical aptitude. Every repair that Encinitas F&D has made to my various vehicles was successful. I’ve never had to take it back to the shop.2. Excellent customer service. Two individuals stand out… First, Ken the service manager who is always responsive. He communicates clearly the problem and strives to make the repair in a timely manner. Ken shows genuine enthusiasm for his job and clearly focuses on his customer’s needs. Second is Jose, the courtesy driver who ensures that I get delivered and picked up promptly. Jose is more than just a driver, he’s a customer advocate. He listens to each customer and relays their concerns back to the shop. He is always, kind, courteous and respectful.Encinitas F&D is not cheap. In fact, the first few years I kept looking elsewhere, hoping to save some money. Yet I kept coming back because they are always fair, have never cheated me, provided great service… and have earned my trust.
- C. Smith

Jennifer K.

“My husband has been taking our cars to this place for over 5 years and we completely trust them. On the times when they haven’t had the car ready by the time promised (very rare), they have offered us a loaner car, which is nice customer service. They always do a thorough job and we’ve never had issues of repeat problems or anything. They always let us know the things that will probably need to be taken care of in the future, but there’s never any pressure from them to do it now. Their prices are reasonable; they do offer a AAA discount and you accumulate points to use toward future repairs. All in all, the only place we have found that we trust.”
- Jennifer K.

Nancy Lyon

“Honest, considerate, helpful, informative, willing to help with better prices and fight warranty battles, etc.”
- Nancy Lyon, Rancho Santa Fe

Tim & Liz

“Faced with a difficult diagnosis you have “gone to bat” for us. Your readiness to investigate and assist with warranty repairs has easily saved us thousands of dollars.”
- Tim & Liz Truxaw, Encinitas

Kathy F.

“I’m sure that there is always a case that does not go perfectly but communication is a two-way street so I wouldn’t place all of the blame on Encinitas Foreign & Domestic! I’m a long time customer who has been completely satisfied over decades. I find all of the service personnel extremely knowledgeable and honest. I really trust the head mechanic who has kept two of my cars operational and safe well past their years. They may not be the cheapest place around (I don’t know as I haven’t price compared) but they are reasonable and you get quality service. In addition to the quality service, the place is clean and the employees friendly. I would highly recommend this repair shop if you have not tried it before.”
- Kathy F.

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