We Are Your Dealership Alternative

Your Dealership AlternativeOur service is guaranteed. We believe in our work and our choices for parts. That’s why we give you a full 2 year or 24,000 mile warranty! We are committed to excellence.

Our Technicians have many years of experience and are trained and certified by ASE, Automotive Service Excellence. Continued education and training is a must in our industry to keep up with the newest technology.

We are constantly investing in equipment. Having the right equipment is extremely important. It allows us to complete the diagnosis and repair your car properly. This equipment benefits you with a correct diagnosis and repair in a timely cost-effective way.

Just some of the reasons to choose us…

By supporting a local business you enable us to support our community

Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair is here to give you only what you need at a fair price. We will also assist you with warranty and recall issues at the dealership.

Let us simplify this part of your life!